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AgileDial Email

E-mail Marketing

The most effective marketing channel for customer retention is email marketing. Deliver the right content at the right time make all the difference! With AgileDial you can send emails to the customer at the time they are most likely to open and covert, using various email templates tailored for your business. You can track open mails, click through and view full reports.

AgileDial Save time

Save time

Your emails, your schedule. Simply select the days and times you want your follow up messages delivered, and they will be sent to your subscribers in sequential order.

AgileDial SMS

SMS Marketing

Send bulk messages to the customers! Customize the content of the message for each customer by adding picture or video. With this marketing channel your customers will know all promotions or news right away! With AgileDial you can schedule when do you want to send the messages!


Organizing events

How do you let people know about the event? Nothing more easier! With Agile Dial you can send articles which promote the event and the artists, communicate the schedule, the place of getting tickets, other promotions related to participation, raffles with prizes, or to send a thank you message for participating at the event. In this way, you can increase the number of participants at the event and also you can increase the number of referrals.

Clubs / Bars / Pubs

Your customers are young people? Good! AgileDial comes to your aid and shows you how to send articles about your products and services, related articles about your events held, or promotions.

Banking / Insurance

With AgileDial you can send instant to all your clients, articles that promote your products and services, articles about the latest trends and opportunities in the financial / insurance market, any other promotions related to available credit/deposits or promotions related to insurance policies. In this way you can increase the number of transactions, the number of customers for insurance policies and also you can increase the portfolio of potential customers who have give permission to receive information by email or sms.


AgileDial comes to your aid and shows you how to send to your customers article, through which you promote your place, products and related services, articles about your menu items or the possible changes with new prices, articles about promotions in certain periods or home delivery. These periodic email campaigns grow your reputation, number of clients and their visits at the restaurant and sales level.


We are with you and together we can inform people about the diversity of drugs, information about launching on the market of a new drug, articles about the prevention of certain diseases, articles about the new laws arising in this area, as well as information regarding special locations for analyzes, hospitals, pharmacies or for blood donation.

Real Estate

AgileDial comes to your aid with an effective way to keep in touch with the people you want. Informing customers with your last news regarding houses, apartments, warehouses or land for sale or rent, prices, locations and details of their owners, can bring you substantial profits.


With AgileDial you can send articles on various ongoing campaigns such as: campaign donations of school supplies, books, information about schools, kindergartens, schools, universities and related studies, students recruitment, or information about the examinations that will be held.


We help you to promote your services among your customers with AgileDial, informing them about any topic they are interested in, especially on holidays scheduled for this year, special offers, and information about reservations. These activities are essential because will help you to increase your customer portfolio, communicate with them and increase your sales.


AgileDial helps you to increase your client portfolio and to maintain the already one with a platform that can send sms and emails information on various topics, including: daily or weekly races, stop locations, special routes, locations to purchase tickets, special offers on tickets, information concerning the cancellation of racing and reprogramming them, baggage information, special offers or other information.





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